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Possibility low sugar cupcake production by using date liquid sugar

Possibility low sugar cupcake production by using date liquid sugar

A Ayoubi1* and M Porabolghasem2

The cake is a very diverse variety of flour products that are popular among people, especially children and adolescents. This product is a sweet with a special soft tissue that flour, oil, sugar and eggs are the main its ingredients (Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran 2006).

Despite the benefits of sucrose as a natural sweetener with desirable performance characteristics, due to problems with blood pressure, heart disease, tooth decay, obesity and increased blood glucose and insulin levels, especially for harmful diabetics in addition, due to economic and technological issues, increasing research are under way to replace sugar with other sweeteners.

One of the important issues regarding the replacement of sugar in food products is the

choice of the type of sweetener to replace and how to preserve the quality of the product during the

storage period (Gohari Ardabili et al 2005). Sugar is an essential ingredient in the preparation of

various types of cakes, which in addition to the role of sweetening has a great effect on the physical

and chemical properties of the product (Specter and Setser 1994).

There are many substitutes for sugar for use in baking products. For example, raw honey, maple syrup, molasses, stevia, xylitol, brown rice syrup, sugarcane condensate extract, glucose syrup, brown sugar, dextrose, corn syrup, invert sugar, malt extract and date sugar are the natural substitutes for sugar in the baked goods (Asghar et al 2006, Obiegbuna et al 2013).

Considering the nutritional properties and high sugar content, date palms are used as a desirable substitute to sugar in food formulations to increase nutritional value and avoid sucrose complications.

One of the products produced from dates is honey or date liquid sugar, which contains compounds such as glucose, fructose, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, and because of the solid particles being separated from the liquid portion of the product, it can be used to prepare the syrup and clear beverages (Kordi et al2010).

Date liquid sugar is concentrate of clear and bleached date syrup that is produced after

extraction date juice with removing pectin compound, protein, fiber and its color is brown to

yellow. Its properties are similar to honey bee honey, and this product has high functional and

nutritional value.


Reference: SID.IR