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History Of Grape

The production of Grape in Iran started in 200 BC. Grape tree is called " TAK " or " MOU " in Iran and its scientific name is "Vitis Vinifera" which has strong and long roots with a lot of branches and naturally does not vertical stems.
VINES are planted in areas with parts of GRAPEVINES like:

  • Use its leaves for making some kind of Iranian food named " Dolme ".
  • By adding boiled water to its dried leaves, they make something like liquid medicine for diarrhea and it stops bleeding.
  • After cutting some branches, some drops appear on the trunk which can be useful for some skins diseases.
  • They use the unripe Grape juice to flavor food or as dressing, it can come in bottles or tins which named " VERJUICE ".
  • The most important part of vine trees is Grape which has other products such as:
  • There are more than 25 different kinds of Grape in Iran, the most important of them are as follow:
    Bidaneh (seedless) - Shahani - Askari - Yaghouti - Saheb - Fakhari - Razeghi - Hoseini - Lael - Rishbaba - Shirazi- Alhaghi - Rashe - Golden - Risikashmar - Madkhashmar - Bokharaee - Molaei and Halaghi.

    Grapes are used in three forms: Fresh - Dry - Juice.

    The most common ones Ares Grape with seed and seedless, which are yellowish with and red.
    The Grape without seed are the best to make RAISINS.
    The Grape with seed are usually used to produce the juice.
    The time for picking the fruit is from June to October.

    According to the information issued by FAO in 1997, the land for planting VINES was 7323294 Hectares and countries such as Spain 1115000 - Italy 89400 - France 882594 - Turkey 560000 - Iran 252197 Hectares have been among the top.

    The ten top grade producers were: Italy - France - USA - Spain - Turkey - China - Argentina - Iran - Chili and South Africa.
    In 1997 the production of Grape in Iran was 2134701 tons and the most important provinces to produce were; Khorasan - Qazvin - Hamedan - Fars - West & East Azarbayjan and Tehran.


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