Farbod saman Trading company  (Inc)


Farbod Saman Trading Co. LTD (FASTCO3) , has been established in 1997 and is a member of Iranian  chamber of commerce with long experienced management as an exporter of Iranian food stuff such as :
Dried fruit , Canned food , Tomato paste , Concentrated , ...
Especially all types of Raisin :
Golden Bleached , Sultana , Green Long Kashmar , Sun Dry Raisin.
Iranian Dried fruits are known to be the best kinds from both points of quality and quantity view across the world.
We import raw material or ready made items against of our export such as :

PAPER : Fluting paper , Kraft linier , Test liner.
METAL : Tin plate , Stainless steel , Sheet or Others.

We are ready to act as an agent on behalf of suppliers or manufacturers in Iran.
We are constantly developing our services and being reliable partner for our clients.



Managing Director: A.R..Saljoghi


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